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During 2019-20, Microfinance Sector in India had registered an impressive growth. Our performance was also satisfactory. Our road-map for the coming years is to wind-up micro-finance activities and to repay all the loans that are due from the Funding agencies. We had already paid-up our dues of SBI and they are now extending financial assistance to our Company, Grameen Shakti. All other pending loans had already been cleared off barring FWWB, BGVB & IMEF of MUDRA. 

Now SMGBK has limited its microfinance activities to only two branches, Gangarampur & Patirajpur. Now SMGBK is focusing more on multiple social welfare schemes as part of its social initiative in the year. Various projects that are continuing by the Society are Safe Arsenic-free Drinking water project called 'Amritabari', Women empowerment project (Micro Finance), Solar light project, Education development project & water & sanitation project (WATSAN) etc.

Society for Model Gram Bikash Kendra (SMGBK) is promoting the use of renewable energy by distributing solar lights among its beneficiaries in a subsidized rate through our branches. We have provided loans to nearly 4000 families of our borrowers to purchase solar lights for their children's education and other purposes.

Alongside its microfinance activities, SMGBK has also successfully over the years carried out several development and social welfare activities,  more notably in education by undertaking a non-aided educational institution called Ramakrishna Sarada Missionary Vidyapith at Purnanagar in Nadia district  to provide quality education to rural boys and girls. Its another milestone is to initiate the "Targeting Hardcore Poor" (THP) project in collaboration with Bandhan, Konnagar, that has achieved cent percent success by providing  a total of 100 poor women with financial assistance to engage them in profitable income generation activities.

Apart from its microfinance activities, SMGBK  has  undertaken multiple social welfare activities.  Among them mention must be made about a Total Sanitation Campaign, Swatch Bharat Abhijan,  a safe arsenic-free drinking water project called Amritbari.  The RO purifier at present covers over 5000 households across Nadia district in West Bengal. The arsenic-free  drinking water project,  a joint venture  with “Hindustan Unilever Limited” and  “Population Services International (PSI)", has won applause and accolades from  villagers of Nadia and its neighbourhood. A total of 9555 solar lights were distributed among our borrowers in 2016-17.

 Poor sanitation and defecating habits in open places, a common scenario in remote villages, cause health hazards and hygienic problems. Keeping this in mind, we have constructed nearly 2000 toilets in villages of Nadia district in collaboration with Friends of Women's World Banking (FWWB). We have also provided sanitation loan to rural people in an effort to motivate them to construct toilets. Further, under 'WATSAN' (water & sanitation) project we had also built sanitary latrines for the villagers of Bengal & Bihar

  Digital Literacy Project India, as a country, is undergoing a digital revolution and we have embraced it positively. The role of technology is becoming an inseparable part of our social fabric and we always stick to this truth in GramBikash Kendra.'Capacity Building' & 'Financial' & 'Digital' inclusion of  womenfolk of rural India through continuous training and workshops had helped us to achieve 100% 'Cash-less' transactions in the field of microfinance. In collaboration with Sa-Dhan& HSBC, we had conducted workshop on 'Financial Literacy' where around 300 women participated.

 In our continuous endeavour to educate the villagers, Society for Model Gram Bikash Kendra organized Thalassemia Detection Camp at our school, Ramakrishna Sarada Missionary Vidyapith, Ranaghat, Nadia on 22nd September, 2018 in collaboration with 'Ranaghat Thalassemia Detection Centre', an auxiliary unit of State of Thalassemia Control Programme, Deptt of Health & Family Welfare, Govt. of West Bengal.

Further,'Cancer Detection Camp' was organized in collaboration with 'Chittaranjan National Cancer Institute, Kolkata' on 27th July, 2018 at the premises of our school, Ramakrishna Sarada Missionary Vidyapith, Ranaghat, Nadia. The camp mainly focused on cervical, breast & oral cancer of the women.

I must express my indebtedness to our financial partners who generously contributed to help the SMGBK carry on its social welfare activities alongside its microfinance activities in 2019-20. To conclude, let me convey my warm greetings and thanks to all of you, our funding agencies, borrowers and those associated with the branches and our well-wishers and friends across the state and outside.


Ganesh Chandra Modak


Society For Model Gram Bikash Kendra


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