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Society for Model Gram Bikash Kendra (SMGBK) began microfinance operations in 2004 with its head office in Kolkata . It has touched the lives of many thousands of poor underprivileged & backward section of our society by providing them credit for income generating activities & helping them to become economically self sufficient. It has also been instrumental in sensitizing women about empowerment issues and bringing about a qualitative change in their attitude towards life. The achievements of SMGBK can be attributed to a handful of people who believed, with a lot of conviction, that the organization could make an improvement in the lives of the poor people. Their passion and dedication, which led to the formation of SMGBK , is the driving force which contributed to the evolution that it has been able to make so far. Members of the Board have added a distinct flavor to the overall composition of the Governance structure. Majority of these members are involved in microfinance activities directly. The ones who are not, have made their presence felt because of their experience, maturity and leadership quality. They are proud of the fact that under their able stewardship, the organization has passed out of various hardships and challenges with flying colours.


 It’s a fact that a meagre amount of Rs 75,000 with which SMGBK began its journey way back in 2004 shot up to Rs 200 crore during the period up to 2017. This is possible  because of sheer dedication coupled with commitment and due diligence on the part of SMGBK staff and its key functionaries. The Society has won several accolades for its outstanding activities in the field of microfinance- spurring us to reach greater heights.


Alongside its microfinance activities, SMGBK has also successfully over the years carried out several development and social welfare activities,  more notably in education by undertaking a non-aided educational institution called Ramakrishna Sarada Missionary Vidyapith at Purnanagar in Nadia district  to provide quality education to rural boys and girls. Its another milestone is to initiate the "Targeting Hardcore Poor" (THP) project in collaboration with Bandhan, Konnagar, that has achieved cent percent success by providing  a total of 100 poor women with financial assistance to engage them in profitable income generation activities.

Apart from its microfinance activities, SMGBK  has  undertaken multiple social welfare activities.  Among them mention must be made about a Total Sanitation Campaign, Swatch Bharat Abhijan,  a safe arsenic-free drinking water project called Amritbari.  The RO purifier at present covers over 5000 households across Nadia district in West Bengal. The arsenic-free  drinking water project,  a joint venture  with “Hindustan Unilever Limited” and  “Population Services International (PSI)", has won applause and accolades from  villagers of Nadia and its neighbourhood. A total of 9555 solar lights were distributed among our borrowers in 2016-17.


This might be pertinent to humbly mention that I was awarded by Mr Jiji Mammen, CEO, MUDRA, for my outstanding activities in the field of microfinance at the 2nd Eastern India Microfinance Summit in 2016. I have also been conferred with two prestigious awards—“Indira Gandhi Sadhbhawana Award” and the “Jewel of India Award”. These awards are manifestation of SMGBK’s untiring activities for the poor and down-trodden.     


I express my indebtedness to our financial partners who generously contributed to help SMGBK carry on with its  microfinance activities alongside  social welfare activities. To conclude, let me convey my warm greetings and thanks to all our funding agencies, borrowers and those associated with the branches and our well wishers and friends across the state and outside.


Ganesh Chandra Modak

Secretary, SMGBK


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