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13/2 Ashutosh Chatterjee Road,Dhakuria Kolkata-700031, Tel No: 70440-44000 / 88202-23344 / info@

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Purnanagar, Ranaghat, Nadia, Pin - 741201

West Bengal

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Our Branches

Balarampur Branch

Balarampur Dist- Purnia, Pin- 854326, Bihar

Tel No: 70440-44010
Website :

Barsoi Branch

Barsoi PO+PS- Barsoi, Dist- Katihar,Pin- 854312

Tel No: 70440-44019
Website :

Purnia Branch

Purnia PO+PS- Dagarua Dist- Purnia, Pin- 854326, Bihar

Tel No: 70440-44019
Website :

Patirajpur Branch

Patirajpur P.O- Patirajpur,P.S-Itahar,Dist.UttarDinajpur,Pin-733128.

Tel No: 70440-44012
Website :

Patiram Branch

Patiram P.O- Atrai, P.S- Balurghat, Dist- Dinajpur (S),Pin- 733158.

Tel No: 70440-44008
Website :

Gangarampur Branch

Gangarampur P.O- Gangarampur, P.S- Gangarampur,
Dist- Dinajpur (S).Pin- 733124

Tel No: 70440-44007
Website :

Raiganj Branch

Raiganj  P.O Raipur,
P.S- Raiganj, Dist- Dinajpur (N).Pin-733134

Tel No: 70440-44009
Website :

Tungidighi Branch

Tungidighi P.O- Tungidhi, P.S- Karandighi, Dist-Dinajpur (N), Pin- 733215.

Tel No: 70440-44010
Website :

Srirampur Branch

Srirampur P.OSrirampur,
P.S- Purbasthali, Dist- Burdwan.Pin- 741316.

Tel No: 70440-44005
Website :

Safanagar Branch

Safanagar P.O- Safanagar, P.SKumarganj,
Dist- Dinajpur (S), Pin- 733141.

Tel No: 70440-44034
Website :

Kalna Branch

Kalna P.S- Kalna, Dist-Burdwan Pin- 713405.

Tel No: 70440-44004
Website :

Samudragarh Branch

Samudragarh P.OSamudragarh,
P.S- Nadan Ghat, Dist Burdwan,
Pin- 713519

Tel No: 70440-44006
Website :

Swarupganj Branch

Swarupganj P.O- Swarupganj, P.S- Nabadwip,
Dist- Nadia. Pin- 741301.

Tel No: 70440-44003
Website :

Santipur Branch

Santipur  P.O Shantipur,
P.S- Shantipur, Dist- Nadia, Pin-740414

Tel No: 70440-44002
Website :

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