Anjali Bairagi

Anjali Bairagi
W/O – Krishna Bairagi
Vill – Purnanagar, P.O – Chapra,
P.S. – Ranaghat, Nadia.

It was a tough time for Anjali to survive with five kids based on the limited income of daily rated wages of her husband. She was even struggling to feed her kids at least two times a day. At that right moment she came to know about GRAM BIKASH KENDRA from one of her friends and in the year 2010 she took Rs.5000/- loan from LAXMI centre of GBK at Purnanagar, and with this capital she started business of flower trading, slowly she started stepping in to the flower markets of Kolkata and Howrah and with this she came out from the curse of extreme poverty. Now it is the sixth time that she has taken loan from GBK and then she took Rs.15000/- loan and established a permanent flower shop at Belgharia of Kolkata. She even after paying back the regular installments to GBK, has become a strong support to her husband and got her elder daughter married .

Dolly Singh,

W/O- Bishu Singh,


North Dinajpur

Dolly Singh

After her marriage Dolly started staying with her in-laws at Tungidighi of North Dinajpur, but she noticed that the family was having a tremendous financial crunch. Owing to this situation she took a loan of Rs.5000/- from GRAM BIKASH KENDRA in the year 2010 with an intention of starting her own business, tailoring. She purchased one swing machine and started a small business from her residence and during the 4th tenure of her loan from GBK she purchased her own shop at Tugidighi market and established her self as a good tailor. Now it is her 7th tenure when she took a loan of Rs.17000/- from GBK and from the same tailoring shop she has started selling stitching materials also. As on today Dolly is happy and leading a peaceful life with her husband and Daughter

Sahima Bibi,W/O Late Khalil Ulla Sekh,

Vill. Maniknagar, PO. Mahisura,

Nabadwip, Dist Nadia

Sahima Bibi (1750201)

After the death of her husband Sahima had the most difficult time for her. It was not known to her from where she will arrange food for her school going son and daughter. She had no other alternative but to stop education of her kids. Suddenly she got a touch of fresh air by being associated with GRAM BIKASH KENDRA on 24/03/2009 and got her 1st loan of Rs.5000/- and purchased a TANT machine. She started working day and night and at very end of the 1st month she earned Rs.2500/-. After that she never looked back as GBK has provided it’s continuous support to her. As on date she is the owner of 5 TANTS and earning more than Rs. 11000/- per month, her kids are now studying in higher classes and the entire family is leading a proper life.


Padma Dutta – Santipur branch

   My name is Padma Dutta and I live in Santipur with my husband Sri Susanta Dutta and 3 children. We run a small utensil and equipment making unit from our home. After break-up of joint family system, my husband inherited a tiny fragment of this business enterprise. We had a very small capital base and were barely able to make ends meet and keep the unit running. When Santipur branch of Gram Bikash Kendra opened, they approached us to become members of Self Help Groups formed by them. On attending their meetings, I learnt more about this organization that wanted to help families from economic background like ours, to flourish. I became a member of this organization and was given a loan for expanding my enterprise. With the help of this loan, we could manage to buy more raw materials for higher production. We have never looked back since then. I understand the importance of education in people’s lives. I have also learnt that GBK is helping children from poor families to educate themselves. My children are studying too – eldest one is doing his Post Graduation in Science, 2nd son is in class XI and the tiniest one is my daughter studying in Nursery!