Women Empowerment

“Women Empowerment” is an often used word used for topics as varied as self protection against physical harassment to learning different vocations which in turn will make them eligible to earn their own living instead of being a burden on their relatives. Alternatively it will also help them to supplement their family income. GBK as an institution has its own limitation in terms of outreach and resources. It essentially cannot therefore practice all initiatives associated with “Women Empowerment ”. It adopts those methodologies which are aligned to its passion of making the
poor self-reliant.

Capacity Building and training are tools that help the uninitiated to identify and adopt a trade which will expand their scope for earning. The organization provides different kinds of trainings to its clients to support their dreams of achieving such targets. During the year 2012-13, following programs were organized by GBK in different locations:

Sl. No. Name of the Program Location Organized on No. Of Remarks, if any
1. Leadership training Santipur 12.04.12 38 Participants realized the importance of the content in day to day life
2. Training on Health issues Purnanagar 23. 04.12 47 Trainees became sensitized on existing health issues and its preventive measures in the area.
3. Training on Antenatal and Neo-Natal issues for pregnant women Samudragarh 17.05.12 32 Participants developed knowledge in skilful management on the issues
4. Training on preparing simple business plans Swarupganj 28.05.12 34 Facilitated the participants for initiating entrepreneurs
5. Training on keep track of business income
and expenses
Kalna 3.06.12 31 Developed expertise of the participants in maintaining
book keeping
6. Training on importance of learning a vocational trade Srirampur 5.07.12 34 Encouraged the youth to opt market based vocational
7. Capacity building session on women’s
Chinsurah 22.07.12 30 Participants could recognize their status in practice in
context of their constitutional rights
8. Eye check-up camp Tungidighi 22.10.12 68 Poor people get rid of eye problem to a great extent
9. Health check-up camp Raiganj 11.12.12 38 People developed health seeking behaviour in the
10. Saree Distribution Camp Gangarampur 18.1.13 33 Poorest of the poor got help & economically relieved.