Amritabari Project

With a view to address the issue of health hazards arising from the use of contaminated water by the people in its target areas, GBK has initiated a program called ‘AMRITABARI project’ in Purnanagar under Ranaghat block of Nadia district, with aAmritbarin eye to scale up the same in other districts of West Bengal also. The objectives of the project being,

  • Providing affordable safe drinking water to the people where contamination free water is not available.
  • Protect people from waterborne diseases so as to maintain their sound health.
  • Help people maintain the expected work potency.
  • Prevent unnecessary sufferings of the people from water borne diseases and in the process save economic burden of the people and also of the nation at large.

It is expected that the RO water purifier plant will cover 5000 households in Purnanagar and surrounding area. The plant is situated within the campus of our Ramakrishna Sarada Missionary School Vidyapith, Purnanagar. Water can be collected from the plant by using modern electronic cards and will also be available in 20 ltr sealed bottles at affordable price.