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partner_logo-1 This Premier institution started lending support to GBK since 2005. What started as a token loan of Rs.20 lacs has gradually increased over the years to Rs.198.00 lacs as Cash Credit limit.
PSI-Logo_India Arsenic pollution in groundwater that is used for drinking purposes is a problem of global concern. Arsenic contamination in drinking water has been reported in many countries but the severity of the contamination in India and Bangladesh is unprecedented. The common manifestations of chronic arsenic toxicity due to prolonged drinking of arsenic-contaminated water are pigmentation, keratosis and cancer of the skin. Today in West Bengal, it is suspected that 6 million people are exposed to arsenic-contaminated water.In collaboration with PSI we will provide free Arsenic Pureit devices to the poorest of the poor families in one district of Nadia , West Bengal. We will then continue to interact with the families and ensure continued usage. We will also create a seed stock of Arsenic Purifiers which they will provide to their self-help group (SHG) members on monthly instalments. Initially 23,000 SHG members will be targeted. The repayments received will be applied to replenish the seed stock and reach more SHG members as well as other families in the project catchment area.Access to Sanitation: We are collaborating with Population Services International (PSI) on a new academy in Bihar, where nearly 80% of households have no toilet. Since 2012, PSI has worked to repair and strengthen the supply chain for toilets by training local entrepreneurs and households are informing about relevant sanitation products and services. While demand exists for toilets in Bihar, many households are cash-poor. Together, Unilever and PSI are working with us to make sanitation financing accessible to households and entrepreneurs, to allow households to maintain and take pride in their toilets. in rural India.
Hindustan-Unilever-insideiim Drinking water rich in arsenic over a long period leads to arsenic poisoning or arsenicosis. Many waters contain some arsenic and excessive concentrations are known to naturally occur in some areas. The health effects are generally delayed and the most effective preventive measure is supply of drinking water low in arsenic concentration. . Today, we are working Colaborately with Unilever Limited and PSI, a global health organisation, are working together to avert these easily preventable deaths causes by Arsenic project at Nadia District .We are provide their Arsenic free safe drinking water to collaborate with Unilever Limited . Unilever has more than 40 years of on-the-ground experience, which greatly informs these programmed that work to improve the health of children and families.
Together with Unilever and we Gram Bikash Kendra microfinance institute, we will provide access to safe drinking water at Purnanagar, under Nadia District by facilitating the purchase of Pure it purifiers on installments. This project will provide access to safe drinking water among poor households who cannot afford to pay the price of a purifier upfront.
partner_logo-2 This NBFC was earlier known as Friends of Women World Banking India. GBK has been associated with the esteemed institution since 2006. The Institution has cumulatively lent Rs.650 lacs to GBK till 31 January 2015.
partner_logo-3 GBK has been getting support from SIDBI since 2009. In recognition of the immaculate field operations, transparency and proper utilization of loans availed by GBK, SIDBI sanctioned an additional amount of Rs.200 lacs as Subordinated Debt under India Equity Microfinance Fund. We honour this gesture.
partner_logo-4 BGVB is a regional rural bank which is under the direct sponsorship of United Bank of India. It has been doing a yeoman service in terms of extending financial assistance to MFIs across West Bengal.
partner_logo-5 Oiko Credit is a NBFC having its registered office at Hyderabad. GBK had applied to this company for financial support to meet its demand for on-lending funds. After a rigorous due diligence exercise, Oiko Credit sanctioned a loan of Rs.250.00 lacs to Gram Bikash Kendra.
partner_logo-6 RMK was formed as an initiative of Government of India under Ministry of Human Resource Development Department of Woman and Child Development. Objective of creation of this “Kosh” was to lend support to Self Help Groups comprising of women from rural interior. An amount of Rs.200 lacs was sanctioned to GBK by this nd “Kosh” on 22 October 2012.
partner_logo-7 RangDe.Org is an Institution that pools in contributions from social investors from across the country. Unit and bulk investors visit the portal developed by RangDe.Org to learn about the needs of poor micro-entrepreneurs whose profiles are uploaded. Field partners are identified by RangDe.Org after a process of due diligence. Profiles of Group members of these partners are identified and uploaded in this portal.GBK was identified as a field partner and RangDe.Org selected Santipur branch as the designated branch for RangDe.Org
partner_logo-8 Indian Grameen Service is a Company incorporated under Section 25 of the Companies Act, 1956. It has created a fund called LAMP funds for extending bulk loans to start-up and other NGO_MFIs. GBK had applied to IGS and after due diligence, loan amount of Rs.50 lacs was sanctioned in December 2012.
GS Logo (Transparent) Grameen Shakti is an NGO and deals with micro-credit and other social development works. In the FY 2012-13 they have assisted us by providing loan for educational development program and building up the school.